• You should research polio and chicken pox or TB quarantine. I initially was for not vaccinating children until I spoke to a grandparent and they shared the fear of polio and what happened. Also look at the CDC website on vaccines. Look at the current situation on COVID-19.
  • Hell to the no. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let the federal government mandate that I get injected with anything.
  • I don't support it, once people no longer have a say over what happens to their own bodies, then we are doomed!
  • I think a lot about it. 1. I think it's morally wrong to force people to get it. 2. I think people should try to make a smart decision about getting it. 3. I think that, as a mob, people tend to behave stupidly; so, those who will get it will probably only do so because they were told to, and those who do not will probably refrain because someone told them not to get it.
  • Well, it depends on what disease you are vaccinating. Chicken pox should definitely be mandatory because a lot of people have been taking it for many years and it should hopefully be safe. The U.S. Has already has a stock of vaccination. It's enough for every American citizen to get vaccinated. I don't think Covid should be mandatory. Well, they don't even have an actual 'kind of', vaccine. But they do have treatment and medicine. And even when they do come up with one, it wouldn't be out long enough to determine if the vaccine is safe.
    • bostjan64
      There is no treatment for covid. The vaccine was approved by the FDA a few days ago. Chicken pox has killed fewer people than covid has. I don't quite follow this rationale. You have diseases that are super deadly, like polio and smallpox, which are huge public health concerns. You have diseases like chicken pox and the flu, which are easy to catch but not generally that deadly. Then there is covid, which, in the future will probably be no big deal, but, right now, is killing millions of people. It sits in this weird space no other infectious disease does now because it is spreading so incredibly quickly and there is no immunity to it. It's only sometimes deadly, but also when it hits hard but is not deadly, it seems like there are long term injuries that we might learn about years from now (at this point we suspect certain things, but don't know a lot from direct evidence). At any rate, covid, right now, is much more dangerous than chicken pox. By 2035, though, covid will probably be just a bad cold. But it's 2020 right now, so that's a substantial time in the future.
    • Linda Joy
      I understood the reference to chicken pox was that the vaccine has been tested and safe for quite some time. And there is limited immunity to covid.
  • First of all the government should have NO SAY in it at all!! They have no legal right to make laws on this issue. They need to get the constitution out and review it and stick to it. Its the contract we agreed to when we joined this union. They need to keep their overreaching hands out of it!! This is a medical issue. It should not be mandatory. It should be encouraged and those that don't get it should not be allowed in school to infect other students, but with home school and internet school that shouldn't be a problem. But these are already laws. Nothing need change.
  • I believe the covid vaccine should be voluntary . That said I believe for most people it would be great to get the vaccination. That is if they are not allergic to it. IOW unless its unsafe for any valid reason an d/or your doctor tells you not to get it.
  • What are opionions? Onions with opium in them? Lol :)
    • Linda Joy
      haha yeah, they've been vaccinated! haha! Hmmm maybe that'd be a way to get a certain group to volunteer for the vaccine! haha
  • No way. This wasn't even tested a year.
  • It should be voluntarily.
  • No, people should have a choice no matter what

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