• They'll get away with that kind of BS as long as the voters let them. And you can easily see that it's not "based on science" because they're doing exactly what they're telling the rest of us not to do. Add in the fact that the mainstream media ignores that kind of stuff, instead focusing on Trump rallies while ignoring Biden victory parties.
  • The question is overly general and is slanted to "they've crossed a line" answer. Laws controlling what I read & write: bad. Laws restricting intimate acts with my own kids: good
    • Linda Joy
      How is it slanted when I gave both options. And why didn't you just choose fair under the circumstances? Maybe I should have been more specific and say its about telling us we can't sing in our own homes when there is no scientific proof singing spreads covid any more than talking does. And laws preventing the spread of child porn is bad according to your example?

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