• Jimmy Carter was bad. I think time will show that Obama was worse. Maybe not as bad as Andrew Johnson though.
  • Better. Obama promised the moon and delivered a mouldy wheel of cheese as the best he could do. Carter was a bit of a nit-wit, though. He even claimed that Obama was only elected because he was black, criticized Trump, alluding that he was racist and mentally deranged, then, later, criticized the media for alleging that Trump was racist and deranged.
  • Much worse... an inveterate liar, a foolish handler of foreign affairs, a constant denigrator of his own nation, and most of all a shallow man. This from Foreign Policy Review And now we know he abetted Hillary's treasonous attempts to undermine democracy. Add in Benghazi --which Big O must be responsible for , after it happened and he stonewalled all inquiry

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