• i dont think any of it was fun to be honest
    • Abha
      Whenever I see your answers, it seems like you are honest but you don`t seem to be happy with your life. Is that so ?
    • pearllederman
      sometimes, im just bored cause of being out of work, thinking of volunteering so i can hang with people more
  • 10/12/2023, so far... it is 60/40. I had more fun during my childhood. The good thing is, I am a kid at heart, so when I get older, it could be 50/50. 😄
  • My childhood had some good moments, but, overall, was bad. Kids where and when I grew up could be monsters. Many of those kids got away with everything until they turned 18. Now, most of them are in prison, and life is much better for those of us who haven't been 100% jerks.

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