• I have a kidney condition that causes me to tend to drink about 4-5 times as much water as a healthy person is supposed to drink, so this happens to me all of the time.
    • Steven Bell
      same but I had a kidney stent when I was a baby and still have problems. and when I went camping I peed on myself
    • bostjan64
      If I were camping, I'd just pee on the ground. My kidneys were damaged from getting my ass kicked a lot in school. I used to pee blood. There was a guy named John who was 6' 4", 100 kg, and two years older than me, who liked to sneak up behind me and punch me in the lower back. Sometimes he'd kick me if I fell down. There were a lot of others who would do the same, but I'd fight them back. John was better at sneaking up on me and also punched a lot harder than the other kids. Now my life expectancy is about 15 years shorter because of him.

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