• I'm not opposed to those who want to be irresponsible with their health growing antibodies for the rest of us!
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      Wonder why people risk their health and do these things make no sense to me ?
    • Linda Joy
      Fact is less than 3% of people who get it die (in the US). People have been cooped up too long. The summer break is over and this is their last chance to have summer fun. Why do diabetics eat to much sugar and drink alcohol? Why do people smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, DUI, do drugs, speed, riot, choose the wrong partner and do all kinds of other unhealthy things? Because they consider the risk worth it! Why does it bother you what they do? Its their life to risk. If you're not out there its not your life at risk. So what's the problem? They are increasing the herd immunity which will protect us all!

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