• What!!! Is this a social commentary or is it true Based on the picture I saw of her the other day....she's definitely coming out after shedding her husband and weight. I just don't know what. But to be real, she's probably grieving the lose of her marriage.
    • Linda Joy
      I was joking.
  • Cultural appropriation, what about racial appropriation? Are Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal "guilty" of racial appropriation. What about Kamala Harris? She's Jamaican and Indian but she's touted as black. The whole notion of appropriation cultural racial or otherwise is silly. Like six year olds pouting, whining "he/she copied me" because they both want the same flavor ice cream. Anybody is entitled to wear their hair, dress their body or eat any flavor ice cream they so choose. Does cultural appropriation mean we can't eat linguini unless we're Italian? We can't eat latkes or matzo ball soup unless we're Jewish? We can't eat tamales unless we're Mexican? Where does it stop? Attention please! Are there any grownups in the room?
    • Linda Joy
      It was a joke, man! Don't shit your drawers! And my IQ is higher than 90% of the population so don't start calling 'babies, all' like a 6 year old! The way I see it Americans can appropriate anything! We already have appropriated everything American! We take the best ideas and make them ours. Its what we do best and why we're so AWESOME!!

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