• If you call supplying the belligerents with countless bombs, hundreds of spies, a naval blockade, and drone strikes as "turning a blind eye," then I don't know. What were you expecting?
  • Why don't you ask why no one else is helping? Why is it the job of America to save the world? No one appreciates it anyway. We give them money and food and they claim we are meddling and spreading democracy (Heaven forbid they actually implement a system that works-obviously better than theirs!) Then they declare jihad, yell "Death to America" and try to kill us all! So why should we care anyway? Why not let them kill each other, starve to death and suffer the natural consequences of their actions? Its not like America caused the problem. But they'll blame America whether they help or not! You'd think they'd have enough sense to follow our example of a government that is working as well as the best of them, but no! They just want to bitch and moan because they are JEALOUS! Besides the fact I don't think its the job of our government, its the job of THEIR GOVERNMENT! And I don't think Americans should be taxed to support other countries. If individuals OF ALL NATIONS wish to help it should be voluntary not forced. Its robbery to force others to pay for your problems. That said I don't mind America helping others if its welcomed and appreciated, but to act like we owe you something while you spit in our face is completely f*cked up!
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Hadi received 99.9% of the vote (the other ~0.1% was for "not Hadi") in an election with >64% voter turnout. The opposition didn't even have a candidate, only "not Hadi." The rebels took over the government, and their current leader is "umm, I think it's one of those guys with a balaclava over there" (officially no one). The nation has been in anarchy for three election cycles now. The political party who seized power by force is a sub-sect of Shia Islam, whose official slogan is "Death to America," although, since coming to power, their spokesman has said that the slogan doesn't mean literal death, but we are talking about a group who has also claimed that they don't literally execute people for being non-Muslim (they just cut people's heads off and then they die naturally), so I don't think anything they say can be trusted.
  • no idea
  • America is no longer the champion of human rights. It is the champion of Trumps chaos.
    • Wakko
      And you're still NOT Baba!
    • Archie Bunker
      Well thought out answer, Baba. Very insightful. Almost as good as Pearl's.
    • Kevin1960
      Where is Slow Joe? Busy, trying to remove your liberties, raising taxes, and flooding the country with illegals.
    • Charin Cross
      I wish I had more thumbs up for you? yeah, why is it always the job of the U.S. to solve the world's problems?
  • Why don't the other regional countries help out? I'm pretty that when we step in to help, the muslims stop fighting each to fight the big bad evil Americans.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Well, I don't know about "help out," but the neighbouring nations are really the only reason there is any fighting still going on.
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, other than the Houtis and Hadis killing each other for the last 15 years trying to get control of the government, you might be right.
  • American commies years ago: "Somalia is suffering under the warlords. Why is America turning a blind eye to Somalia. America is WAYCIST!" America sends soldiers into Somalia. American commies squeal: "American capitalist dogs have invaded peaceful Somalia! American imperialists out of Somalia! America is WAYCIST!" Typical socialist slimeball tactics. I say let the islamaholics jihadi each other. Both sides hate America, and whoever wins will still hate America, but at least the herd will be culled, and there will be less alive to hate America.
  • I'd hate to sound offensive but it's probably because "Yemen doesn't have oil" If they had tons of it they'd probably be there to help.
  • I've been wondering that for a long time. For where Yemen is, that is a great strategic location I would want to keep.

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