• Maybe they're making cuts because unemployment is at 14%. Up at least 10% because the liberals want to keep everything shut down forever and not let people go back to work! Its as if they don't understand where the money for funding these programs comes! It comes from the taxpayer, and now you have 10% less!! So they HAVE to cut programs. They just gave everyone 1200 they didn't have to begin with!! Its a matter of math not emotion! There is no magic money to be pulled from arses!
    • Linda Joy
      There is also nothing noble or benevolent about giving away SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY!! Quit trying to make 'the government' otherwise known as 'the taxpayer' fund the lives of others! Its not fair for those who work to be FORCED to give their money to others! It should be THEIR CHOICE whether or not to give. And whether or not to take care of your own children and parents and love and help your neighbor. And what about the taxpayer who is barely making it because taxes are so high?
    • Linda Joy
      There is also a difference between equity and equality. And a difference between equality and justice. These are all involved here. Not just do you think we should pull money from nowhere and give it to people! Sure it would be nice, but the money is not there! And which president (other than Regan) ever admitted he wanted to support the rich? Do you have financial records to prove this? And who said the government owes anyone anything? Beyond that what knowledge do you have of the programs that are in place and how do you know its not enough? Have you ever lived on it? And what is necessary for survival and what is beyond that? And why should the taxpayer pay for it? People should be given the gratifaction of working not the insult of a hand out that only keeps you poor and dependent on the government for what scraps they throw you. America needs to be educated. And Americans need the opportunity to be proud of themselves again!

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