• You betcha! And I do get my medication in the mail! Biden is senile and you DID watch the democratic debate, didn't you? I'll admit I didn't. Just don't forget the things she said about ole Joe. Then ask yourself, would you be willing to overlook all that and get in a political bed with him if you were her? And what does that say about her, ethically, politically? Biden is senile and Harris is a token. No one is voting FOR them. They are simply voting AGAINST Trump. Even after Trump did more for you over the last 4 years than your own political representatives did!
  • Fake news. Trump has repeatedly said he would fund the Post Office, he just wouldn't tie it to all the other bullshit Pelosi is trying to fund in one massive bill. Keep spreading the liberal lies.
    • Linda Joy
      That's like the FB post that was going around with a list of senators who supposedly wouldn't fund the VA. When I asked my senator who was on the list about it he told me the same thing. He was for funding, just not unlimited with a bunch of other stuff tacked on. Most of the senators voted no on that one but voted for another one without all that crap. They do this stuff all the time, and some people just believe it.
    • Archie Bunker
      Unfortunately, most people believe it.

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