• We're not a pure democracy here and the Founding Fathers warned against it. You can't have 51% of the people dictating to the other 49%. "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." - contributed to Benjamin Franklin
  • This is absolute idiocy! First off you have no definition of what you mean by 'the poor' if you mean 'low income' as defined by the housing authority they are by definition only 30% of the population. If you mean people who have this information at the tips of their fingers to research and choose to lie anyway, I'd say they are more poor and pathetic than the low income!! Stop sitting here whining about the rich and become one so you can give your money to the 'poor'.
  • US, and most western nations are not really democracy's - politics, policy, and regulation is largely controlled by huge corporations, which are themselves controlled by wealthy oligarchs. In addition to lobbying, multinational corporations pay massive bonuses to employee's that take govt positions (especially regulatory positions), and those same people get rewarded with high-paying positions when they leave those govt jobs. Its a revolving door between the corporations and govt. Think Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin etc - they form govt policy for the benefit of the large multinational's. The poor may vote for a President, but the candidates are pre-selected by wealthy aristocrats - democracy is an illusion. In China the govt remains the same, but the policy's may change - in the US the govt may change, but the policies remain the same. The situation is in fact much worse than this, and will become apparent in the next 5yrs as society (on a global scale) is fundamentally restructured in what the wealthy elitists call 'the Great Reset' (see the World Economic Forum website) - it is the New World Order they have been planning since at least the 1980's and most of us will not survive to see its dawning.

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