• Do you care to share some facts to reinforce your assertion or are you just using the usual liberal hyperbole that you saw on MSNBC?
  • not that i know of
  • Liberal propaganda is making YOU THEIR puppet when you simply parrot what they say instead of learning the truth. When you speak of "the rich" which by the way is plural meaning more than one person or entity in which you would use the plural form of the verb be which is "are". The rich don't make anyone do anything. The only way to be a puppet is to let someone shove their hand up your ass and you bend to their will. Rich don't make anyone do anything. Pliable people allow others to make puppets of them. But they are using the rich right back and making them pay! Its symbiotic, reciprocal. And the way you put a stop to it is by voting out the politicians you oppose. Also when you blame the rich, are you referring to individuals or corporations? I'll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one!
  • Ask the Bill & Hillary Clinton, this is their area of expertise. In my opinion.
  • This is class envy plain and simple. This is why raising taxes on the rich DOES NOT WORK! " A national study by an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, found that “a one percentage point increase in the average corporate tax rate decreases annual gross wages by 0.9 percent.” The Tax foundation explains that in non-economic speak, “this means that a $10.4 billion increase in corporate tax collections would lower overall wages by $43.5 billion.”" **************** But you need to read the whole article because your education is terribly lacking! It also wouldn't hurt to look at a few Danesh D'sousa talks on what's wrong with the democratic party!

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