• Are you aware of the deadly consequences of Donald Trump?
    • StraightEdgeSociety
      Yes he placed Tariffs on the Chinese so their getting back at him
    • Linda Joy
      No, I'm not. Where is this list?. The Chinese have had an unfair trade agreement since they lost the war. Trump is just making it fair for America and if you admit The Chinese released this virus as a chemical act of war how is Trump the villian? The Chinese should be held accountable for their atrocities!!! Just because someone decides to change a trade agreement doesn't mean you can unleash a virus on the entire world!! How ridiculous!!
    • mugwort
      Licorice contain a chemical called glycerin Uncertain of spelling I do know the substance can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels to people prone to hypertension.
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong post, sweetie.
  • The leftists want the shutdown to stay. They want chaos for the election and when Trump is reelected, they'll try to continue it.

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