• No. I support unity and peace. With equal rights and opportunities for all. Black lives do matter, but this movement is killing black people. Besides the fact it supports a false narrative. White people are not the ones killing blacks. Blacks are. The statistics on black abortions and crimes of all types prove beyond a doubt that blacks are perpetrating crimes on other blacks. But this is not just with blacks. This is the trend with ALL RACES. They tend to commit crimes on others of the same race. And black men are 18 times more likely to kill a white cop than the other way around. Frankly I think this is another distraction strategy to keep people angry and racist. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the media eats it up. I guess it also must encourage certain advertisers because that's what pays the media bills, right? We obviously can't trust the 'news' anymore. They're just puppets of the propaganda now.

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