• I'd never go back to home phone. First off my cell stays charged longer than I've ever been without power. Secondly they have solar and hand cranked phone chargers for emergencies. Home phones you can only use from home and no one ever calls to talk to my house.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thank you great answer and I agree with you the same thing here with me
  • Verizon has been steadily discontinuing old copper landlines, which received power from the phone company's generators during a blackout. In its place, they have been installing FIOS fiber and the subscriber is responsible to maintain a battery backup UPS for emergency power. Just the same, if you already have internet service, you could switch to a VOIP service from among many companies and use that battery backup to power your internet router and VOIP adapter. And BTW, phone service from a cable company is essentially the same as VOIP.

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