• No I'd be afraid it would get wet. I have set it on the tank of the toilet beside the shower if I was expecting a call I didn't want to miss. .
    • AskingForaFriend
      Same here. The toilet tank is as close as it gets.
    • Supersoftball
      I leave it on the sink, but never in the shower.
  • Bzzzzzzzt. Hello.......Hello.........Hello........
  • Into the bathroom but not into the shower.
  • I used to do so...when I had a ruggedized phone (read: waterproof, crack-proof, basically damage-proof). Since I work as a plumber, the phone often got pretty muddy and I'd just take it into the shower with me to clean it. *** Now my phone is - well - less rugged, and I don't bring it with me into the shower.
  • I do bring it to the bathroom, but not in the shower. I prefer having a relaxing shower, so I can wait until at least I dry myself to use it.
  • My phone is not waterproof so no, I don’t bring it with me into the shower.
  • I don't take my phone into the shower. It is water resistant, so I probably could. I do have my phone on the side of the tub just in case I slide down & need an ambulance.

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