• That's because all the schools were closed. Hard to shoot up a building that no one is in, don't ya think? We'll see what happens when the schools are back open and, thanks to the liberal crowd, there will be no school resource officers to greet the shooters.
    • Linda Joy
      Exactly! Do you think there will be a decrease in enrollment when they reopen?
    • Archie Bunker
      No. I think many parents realize that kids needs to be in school. Although I hope many are opening their eyes to the indoctrination their kids are getting.
    • Linda Joy
      If I was a betting person I'd bet you on that one! If not a decrease at least less than the projected 2% increase.
    • Linda Joy
      And I would think its easier to shoot up an empty school, just not as effective. haha
  • I have not seen Adam Schiff on the news once this whole pandemic. Life is good.
    • Linda Joy
      Pollution is down as well!

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