• Yes, I'm a warm weather person. Vermont is too cold for me.
  • Where did you get the idea that "everyone left the state" ??
    • Linda Joy
      From the article. Did you read it? Why do you think they're paying people to relocate there?
    • Ice man
      Yes I did read it and it didn't say everyone left the state. What it did say was that it's "work force" had been reduced by 16,000 over an 8 year period. That accounts for 2,000 people retiring per year over that 8 year period. It's a small percentage when you consider Vermont has an ageing population and has always been a "rural" state with a smaller population than most others. The majority of it's population is scattered all over the country side on farms and little towns. It has never been a rich state (most of their income is from tourism) and they want to encourage a younger population growth to expand their tax base, putting more money into maintaining their infrastructure.
    • Linda Joy
      They've been leaving since it was a state! True it's slower than it used to be. Thank you for encouraging me to read more about it. It seems there are many and various reasons they leave.
    • Linda Joy
      They will also reimburse your college tuition if you stay there for 5 years after!
  • relocate from where? i live in NH which is pretty much the same state
    • Linda Joy
      They didn't specify, but I included the link to the article so you can read the specifics of the offer.
  • didnt know they did that, maybe i should contact them

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