• Get out. Get a restraining order BEFORE you let him know you are leaving. This is when abuse is the worst! Be sure to protect yourself. Don't go anywhere alone and don't talk to him anymore. He will try to talk you into coming back and he will promise you ANYTHING if you'll just come back. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Abusers will abuse again. Its a cycle. And trying to squirt alcohol in your eyes is enough to get a restraining order. Don't play around about this decision either. If you go back after you've decided to leave, you deserve what you get! You've been warned by someone who knows!!
    • wonderwoman1983
      thank you people was telling he ain't that bad and I am like nah cant do this anymore
  • The link above may help as psychological and emotional abuse is sometimes more hidden than physical. Just ring the police, tell them you are in a domestic abusive relationship and you don't know where to turn, they will offer help and give you information,. You need to leave but be safe about it, if someone can come to the house and make sure you can get your things safely and leave that would be best, and as Linda says you'll need to get a restraining order so he cannot come near you. All the best, take care of yourself.
  • Get out as soon as you can and get into a woman's shelter. There is one in almost every town. If you don't know where the one is in your area call the police or even 911 they can tell you where it is and can even provide you transportation. You can also bring young children. Don't hesitate your life and health are in the balance!
  • You know you need to leave. He is a bad man. The hard part is staying away. Women in your situation often try many times before they successfully stay away. Plan for this. He is an expert in manipulating you. Have a plan to not return. Commit to never being alone with him again. Go for zero communication. A shelter can help you to get your things. Block his number. Don't talk to his family or friends if they are not on your side fully. Remember the bad times when you are feeling weak. Do whatever you have to do in order to not stand in your own way here. Have a plan for staying away because it will be very hard. You can do this!

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