• Yes. Sleep deprivation is torture. You are with an abusive man. Abusive men do that intentionally to wear you down and it is not uncommon. Leave him. It will not get better!!
    • AskingForaFriend
  • thanks even my mother in law told him he was being a damn fool.
    • AskingForaFriend
      How does he wake you up?
  • Wow very sorry to hear that, and yes you should get away ASAP! 😓
  • If you were really wonder woman you could just put your lariet around him and make him tell the truth! I'd try sleeping separately before leaving him. Its not all or nothing here. And yes, sleep deprivation can MAKE you crazy. I have several sleep disorders and struggle as well. Alternately, you could record him unawares then you can show him what he's doing. He may even be doing it in his sleep and not know it. But I wouldn't do anything over if I didn't want to. I'd tell him if you don't like it do it yourself. Or just stop doing it entirely. Why waste your time doing it to begin with if he's just going to bitch about it. And if he called me crazy lazy and fat I'd say yeah so what if you don't like it divorce me. What else you got, asshole? Don't let his crazy make you crazy. Go stay with your mom to get some sleep once in a while if you need to. You didn't mention children, if there are any... That might change my advice... for what that's worth.
    • wonderwoman1983
      That is another issue he always wanted kids I told him from day no. I think seeing my mom have my sister in the cab on the way to the hospital had something to do with it Also we don't make enough money , I don't want my kid to be a welfare baby. ,y parents had me just for the income tax money and it showed.
  • As soon as someone starts making you feel like your crazy, then that persons behaviour is abusive, no person that loves you should be manipulative enough to make you question your sanity. People need sleep in order to function, can you sleep in a different room, then he'll have to intentionally come in their to wake you up so making his behaviour even clearer. It also appears that you both want different things, such as children, it may be time to sit down and be honest with each other, and if things cannot be worked through then you must leave.

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