• Why does everyone suddenly hate Fauci?
    • Linda Joy
      Who said they did?
  • Seriously I doubt Fauci would do such a thing. He is a man of integrity, science and logic. I trust his medical advice on COVID-19. He is the head of of a branch ( allergy and infectious disease dept) most prestigious professional health org. in the US.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't trust anyone anymore. How long has it been since he actually treated a patient?
    • mugwort
      Here is Dr. Fauci's bio. Source I am much impressed by his scientfic, particularly his medical expertise and his compassion . BTW Did you know he was a star basketball player at his alma mater St. Regis Catholic H.S. Brooklyn NY. He;s only 5'7" IMO it doesn't matter if he treated patients. He is a consumate researcher. I knows what he's talking about. and to me that's what is important.. He's good, he knows what he's doing and that's all I care about. Your friend Mugwort
    • bostjan64
      You should only trust tall politicians, not short ones. Look at Germany! They trusted Hitler, who was very,very short. If they would have not trusted him, Germany might be the greatest nation now, but, instead, they now have many, many problems.
    • mugwort
      Well Hitler was a hatful, hatefilled evil scourage your message regarding height is not logical.

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