• I'm sure Covid-19 quarantine has put a damper on dating, but there is probably a lot of activity on dating apps right now.
    • Black Mystique
    • Linda Joy
      There are also some specifically designed for people over 50.
  • Maybe if you change your life of boredom more mature women would be attracted. Also many men don't find 'mature' women 'pretty' which is subjective anyway. I usually encounter women with this issue, and my suggestion is the same for you. Work on improving yourself in a way that makes YOU feel better and don't worry about hunting a partner. Do make a list of what you want in a partner to make it more clear for yourself. Don't settle for good enough. That's not fair to you or her. And it might be best to find a friend first and then see what happens. That way you won't come across as being desperate.

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