• Since 1905 (see Jacobson v Massachusetts), the government has determined that it can infringe on personal rights to any extent, if it is justified by a major public health concern. Knowing the exact moment to reopen businesses is going to be the most important question over the upcoming two weeks or so. Where I live in VT, we are ordered to stay at home for another month still. We've had 5 deaths reported statewide from coronavirus in the past 24 hours. It could be that the number of infections reported is down due to poor testing capability. But, unless people start doing their own tests at home, just the process of testing itself is going to potentially expose more people, If we reopen businesses now, I would think that a few heavy-handed changed would be necessary to minimize the potential of blowing up the curve of the epidemic. If those changes are too much for people to accept, then we are not ready.

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