• I used to love playing Backgammon with a church lady.. she has since gone to be with Lord. I have a board now but no one to play ..
    • Cry me a River
      I think to enjoy a boardgame. you must like the person/people you are playing with..
  • My favorite board game is any one I can play with the people I love. My son brought Apples to Apples to me last year as well as a puzzle. This year he brought a board to put the puzzle on so its still on my coffee table in the living room, even though they are back on the road. I'm usually by myself so don't play a lot of games. When I was married we played cards some. I play Yhatzee solitaire and klondike solitaire online and I have an online puzzle page and sudoku online.
  • My favourite memory is playing "Balderdash" with my parents
    • Cry me a River

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