• I tried to get her to talk to Artic Fox when he showed interest, but she acted like she didn't see him. I know she'd like more friends! Thinker thought Ice Man and I were hooking up when he was pm'ing Jenny. Ice man said we should give them "Something to talk about" lol. I'm not good at the matchmaking. I'm not good at relationships either. But it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. What do you want? Do you want to "hook up" or do you want a friendship or do you want a relationship? What does Pearl want? Have you asked her? Besides not being good at matchmaking this is not a matching site and not everyone wants to be approached. But I think I remember the user asking for a friend saying she was currently looking for a boyfriend. Personally, I'm done. What about you? Who do you think would make a good couple? I'm lucky if I can figure out which are males and which are females, much less their sexual orientations! And don't even get me started on the many different sexes of the mushroom! But more importantly have you told her you're interested or asked her if she is? Or are you chicken?
    • Iron Mask
      (Nerd voice) - Will you be my friend?
  • i wouldnt want to play nnatchnnaker, wonder who keeps telling you to hook up with nne
    • Iron Mask
      I'll never tell.

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