• Is this something new? I haven't been following as I am having to home-school my kids and work remote to stay employed. I can't deal with crazy!
    • Linda Joy
      I've been praying for you!
    • Black Mystique
      @Linda Joy Thank you
  • I think you need to check yourself on calling anyone a fool if you believe in The Bible. Trump didn't create or weaponize this virus, communist China did. I don't know if the release was intentional or accidental or what the reasons were. Its not necessarily the strongest or youngest or smartest that will win this race, but the most adaptable. Though all of the above play in. I think I like the world better cleaner. Hey wait! Was this all just propaganda to get those dirty sheeple to wash their hands before coming to the feeding trough?
  • I think Trump is doing a great job, despite opinions that The Hill, CNN and CNBC have.

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