• Have you looked at Italy vs South Korea dealing with the virus? Agreed Italy has a higher percentage that is older, but look what South Korea is doing
    • Linda Joy
  • Cell phones and drive up testing maybe the key....
  • Drive up testing....
  • What is Un-American? We can't travel outside as well. For the next 4 weeks, the public schools are internet based until mid April. I keep thinking this is not Ebola virus...right. But it's clear the older population is getting hit hard, so it's for us to give up some of our liberty for the world good.
  • Which government? The USA? I heard that, in Italy, you need to buy a license to leave your house, and even if you have all of the required paperwork, you can be fined if you speak to anyone for too long. If they tried to implement that in the USA, I doubt anyone would accept that. As of yet, though, the US government is merely suggesting that you be very cautious.
  • The government is too stupid to protect me from a virus.
  • No. I mean you have to tell American people "contains peanuts" - on a bag of peanuts. Hence it's not so much stupidity as it is a continuation of mollycoddling the public expects. Don't be so stupid, if you want to be treated like adults in the first place.
    • Linda Joy
      STOP CALLING ME STUPID!! My IQ puts me in the top 6% of the world population so I'm probably smarter than you!
    • Black Mystique
      I don't think he's calling everyone Stupid. Only stupid makes the news and they are the exception. We do need to avoid generalizations though.

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