• You should ask her to zip it, if she doesn't then your parents need to teach her to mind you when she's in your care.
  • Thanks :). Would I be better to zip it for her so that she doesn't refuse to do it?
    • Linda Joy
      Ask your parents. I don't know your sister or their instructions. But generally speaking its not a good idea to force anyone to comply with your will unless their life is at stake. Its always better to persuade or negotiate. And with most kids reward works better than punishment. You need to learn her currency. What she wants most from you or her parents you can use that to persuade her. That might be reading her a story or making something with her or maybe she'd rather you leave her alone, I don't know her currency. Or maybe you can tell her if she does what you ask you will stop doing something she doesn't like. In any case your parents need to ensure she minds you when she's in your care.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know how old you are, but it might not hurt to read some books on child care techniques or take a parenting class and talk to your parents about it. There was a book a long time ago called how to win friends and influence people. I've never read it but it might help.
    • Saltire Timothy
      Their instructions are only to ask her to zip it up if its not nice weather.

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