• "In der Jugend lernt, im Alter versteht man." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (Aphorismen.) Not sure where she got it from, though. The fact that it was in her book of aphorisms, I'm assuming she heard it from someone else. I disagree with the aphorism in general. There are many things that can be understood in youth and there are many things that will never be understood, no matter how old we get, and we never stop learning. If we reword it carefully: "Some things learned in youth are not understood until old age," I could agree with that, but it doesn't have a "ring" to it.
    • Linda Joy
      Well it doesn't say ALL our learning is done in youth and we ONLY understand in our age. So I agree with the quote generally speaking though there are exceptions to every rule or quote as the case may be.
  • i think its true but dont know who said it
    • Linda Joy
      You would learn a lot more if you'd pay attention to what's going on around you. I can't tell you how many times you've answered you don't know when the answer has already been revealed in the other answers.
  • Disagree of course. As if you have not "understood", then you have not learned anything - just memorized
    • Linda Joy
      Of course! I'd probably faint if you ever agreed with me. So if a child touches a hot stove and does not understand how it works they have not learned not to touch THAT again? Wrong, wrong, wrong!! As usual! Haha I just realized I missed you!

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