• Mama yanking you around by it when you were little? :P
    • Azlotto
      Lol..Mama didn't yank me around. She performed like a Ninja while thumping a hairbrush on my head and face area.
    • WildOne
      I?m thinking a woman?s toes getting a good hold of the ears. lol
    • Azlotto
      Lol...The last woman that did that gave me a bad case of athlete's ear.
  • infected piercing? Earlobe fatigue? Time for an upgrade maybe. Get some designer style lobes.
    • Azlotto
      "designer style lobes" LMAO!...Are you the same Baba from the original Answerbag?
  • go see your doctor and have hinn check it out
    • Azlotto
      Thanks for your answer.
  • Not stretching before your earlobe workout, or not waiting a full half an hour after meals before washing your earlobes. Some people get cramps each month before their earlobe period.
    • Azlotto

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