• It is the first part of several Agendas that aim to control land usage and population. When you hear terms such as sustained development it is talking about controlled growth moving people into certain areas developing areas where people cannot enter into and others that have limited access. Agenda 2030 will depopulate most areas of the population reducing the entire population of the earth from over 7 billion to less than 3 billion. Youtube has a number of videos on these programs as well as books readily available in book stores and on Amazon. All you need do is google these Agendas and you will find tons of information. The wheels are already turning to accomplish these goals.
    • Linda Legion
      Thanks Thinker, your explanation is truly terrifying. I keep reading it over and over again, in case I've misunderstood. How are they going to half the world's population?
    • Linda Legion
      Why are they intending to do this? And who / which political party is responsible?
    • Thinker
      From what I have read papa Bush agreed to it at the UN conference in Rio back in the 1980's and Bill Clinton signed the US onto it by executive order in 1993. It is a UN proclamation. See the site I listed below.

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