• If they are blunt, bordering on sarcasm, then she's probably not that into you. Move on.
  • she probably dont want to go out with you, go out with another girl
  • Are you the girl ? Or, Are you the only girl, the reason for her dis cUmfort ?(BTW)
    • bluelobster
    • Ice man
      She dosen't like you. She's into girls, so move on and find someone else.
  • maybe you need to ask her that question
    • bluelobster
      What should I ask her? How should I ask her?
    • pearllederman
      the same thing you asked us
    • bluelobster
      Won?t that seem weird? Well I asked the same question to one of my other friends threats a girl and she said to just drop her. So I haven?t talked to her in three days

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