• maybe cause theyre a guy
    • Myang
      and not a man?
  • It depends on the guy and the situation. It takes me a while to get over a relationship. I would look at the kind of fellow she is attracting. There is shallow and there is deep and everything in between. It's not about guys, its about shallow (company, physical attraction and other more surface things). Another possibility is that this fellow does not want to deal with feelings of rejection and being alone. I had one girlfriend that was never without a relationship and went from me to another fellow directly.(yet we were deep into each other) This is not a guy thing or a gal thing, its a personality thing. Hopefully we may learn from these experiences to ready us for a better match.
    • Myang
      So he's a shallow guy.. Hopefully most of the guy is like you who didn't get over easily. It sucks in the feeling of girls to be replaced in an instant.

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