• Some do and some dont. Cats sense of smell is 40 times more sensitive than ours so they might not like the smell of our breath. Some cats are scared of a big head coming toward their face. Some cats ears are sensitive to the sounds of lips making squeaking kissing sounds and it scares them. Try making no sounds and kissing top of head or side of face or neck. Otherwise its loving hugs.
  • Cats mostly like to think they are still kittens, and maybe you can act the part of parent.
  • So are you a cat kisser? Lol
  • I've had (or been around) cats all my life. There are two sorts. Them that love you, and them that use you. The former think you can do no wrong, and can walk on water and fart perfume! These cats have no problem with being kissed, hugged, picked up, held, etc. Then there are the other sort. Them that use you are like many women...they want the maximum benefit from the least amount of effort. These cats want what they want, and nothing else. Mostly it's food. Some want a safe crashpad where they can sleep all day, then prowl outside all night, or vice versa. They don't care what you want. It's all about them, so no kisses and all that jive.

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