• OMG I totally agree with you...I could have written your explanation....damn me, they ARE like a business; they have property......which they never pay tax on!.....the have employees....(clergy people) and they perform a service, helping others, spiritual stuff... so why THE HELL SHOULD THEY NOT PAY TAXES?? even a very reduced tax rate!!! if they paid property taxes, YOUR property tax would PLUMMET like crazy. oh well.......I'm 75 & have ranted about this all my life....and I'm afraid it 'ain't gonna change'............darn!!!!!
    • AskingForaFriend
      Thanks! I think I'd actually prefer they continue to not pay taxes and we keep the Johnson Amendment intact so churches can't politicize sermons and endorse candidates. It's not fair for some preacher to tell their followers who God wants them to vote for. I think that would become a huge abuse of power quickly. Even though it still happens... And as far as the churches suing for FEMA funds, they have members donating huge amounts of money already!
    • AskingForaFriend
      I actually go back and forth on this one and could say something different tomorrow
  • Hell no, they should not be tax exempt. If a tarot card reader does not have tax free exemption neither should the church, both are a fraud.

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