• I constantly allow my nails to grow beyond normal length for a man - as weapons. They usually break off on their own before looking girlish. My thumbnails, however, are extra strong and don't break easily. I often have excessively long thumbnails. I've cut myself on my nails many times. Sharp!
    • Linda Joy
      I never used to have long nails when I was working. I guess I kept them scrubed down using them as tools and such. They're longer now. In fact just the other day my ankle gave out and I reached out to catch myself from falling and my nail turned backwards it was facing my wrist and very painful! But as far as I can recall I've never cut myself with my own fingernail before today.
  • when my fingernails get too long, I always misjudge the distance of something and end up stubbing my nail. then it breaks down in the meat and I have wait for the nail to grow out far enough to clip it without it hurting. so annoying! 😏

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