• Yes, I did back in 1998. I fell fracturing my skull. I watched myself walking to the office where I worked. I was the only one in the shop and I needed help. I don't remember how long I was out. I remember before the fall but not much afterward for several hours. The doctors said I turned my brain to jello. I should have died but the Lord God still has other things for me to do.
    • Linda Joy
      Apparently He's still got something for me to do here too. I wish He'd just let me go home already.
    • Thinker
      At times I have felt that as well. Just keep focused on Him he will see you through each day. If I may ask what makes you wish He would take you
    • Linda Joy
      I'm tired and worn out. (It's not so much the years but the miles) my son is grown and doesn't need me anymore. I'm adrift with no purpose, and not much ability anymore to be useful. I'm sure all those little kiddies of yours are thankful you're still around!
    • Thinker
      I feel the same way too often. I am getting tired faster and easier the last year. Driving my school bus keeps me active and useful. I am hoping to make 2 more years after this one.
  • kind of, i almost died when i was a kid, they took us to the beach at camp and a lot of us got pulled over by a tidal wave, including one of my brothers and my twin sister,some guy got us out but i never found out who it was
    • Linda Joy
      We're glad he did!
  • At age 5, I survived an always fatal brain condition. My brain was a pioneer in medical history, I guess. Later on, my young son suffered a liver shut down. The doctors told us to go talk to a funeral home about making arrangements for his death. We did not. We prayed instead. 25 years later, he is alive and doing fine.
  • My mother after a miscarriage . After that she never feared death. Only came back because she was a mother already. she had then 7 more kids. I was one of them
  • My mother claims too have had one during my birth. She says" I left my body and I saw it from the top of the room . Looking down I saw the doctors trying to bring me back" Also claims she in total peace during the whole thing. Today she still here went on to have my sister but that's a story for anothr time.

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