• I will give 2 ways. First I was holding staple gun and pulled the trigger and got a staple in my finger which required a tetanus shot. . Second was I did another with a blender blade on the base. My hand healed up after a few weeks.
  • Falling off a ladder 12 feet fracturing my scull.
    • Linda Joy
      My ex fell off a ladder and broke his back. Said if he'd fallen off the other side he'd have been dead.
  • A friend had been driving and had just dropped me off in a small town in Nicaragua. I was talking to my friend through the open front passenger window and took a step backward. I stepped right into an open man hole. It wasn't too deep but landed on the edge with my ribs getting full impact. It cracked a few of them and broke a good camera I was carrying for my driver friend.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my gosh! I know that hurt! I'm sorry that happened to you I've broken ribs before! That's no fun!
  • In my bathroom I got irritated - I don't remember with what - while I was giving myself a haircut. In frustration I threw the scissors towards the floors baseboard. It ricoshaed off the wall and stabbed into my foot.
    • Rick
      That was an ouch for sure.
    • Linda Joy
      I stepped on a stick that went into my foot once.
  • I once twisted my arm and hurt my back (was in pain for at least 2 weeks) after stumbling while trying to catch a small box of falling taco shells. True story. I also once hurt my tailbone when I slipped on a banana peel in a Carl's Jr. Who brings a banana there? Another true story.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  • have 2 ways, when I was 7 there were only glass Christmas balls and I squeezed one of them to tight and it broke in my hand requiring a surgery, 2nd I saw this small piece of ice had to be less than one inch across so I stepped on it thinking "there take that", instead i slipped and came down on my shoulder, requiring a surgery for a broken collarbone, dislocated arm. separated shoulder, ripped tendons in my chest.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my gosh! Bless your heart!
    • ARTICFOX700
      speaking of the heart I needed to get 4 stents after they (doctors )found 2 clogged and one collapsed requiring a 2 more surgery's.
    • Linda Joy
      We're blessed to still have you with us!
  • cut off two of my fingers on left hand not paying enough attention to what I was doing.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my! My ex cut off parts of two of his fingers in two separate accidents but still had the use of both fingers. We had a man in our shop that lost two fingers to an engine cuz he had a rag wrapped around his hand and got too close. It does give me a new perspective on your left-handed thumbs up though!
  • when i was at my brothers house i tripped over a garage step and hit my head hard, i had this huge lump on it and for wks all i heard was why was i walking around with a black eye, was so glad when it finally healed
    • Linda Joy
      when I was in the service they couldn't find steel-toed boots small enough to fit me. As a result, I was always tripping up stairs.
  • Drinking beer and busting bottles near my front lawn porch cement steps and than stepping barefoot on the base of one and boy was it bloody.
    • Linda Joy
      Bet it hurt for quite a while too! It always does when you have to walk on it.
  • Too many times to count.
    • Linda Joy
      Me, too!
  • I was riding my bike and came upon two posts on the sidewalk and knew I could make it going right between them. I didn't, fractured my elbow in the process. hahaha I'll never do that again.
  • Doing kicks in my living room. Specifically getting too close to the wall and smashing my left big toe against the wall. The pain radiated all the way up to my left hip. Somehow stumbled onto the nearest E.R.

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