• I will give 2 ways. First I was holding staple gun and pulled the trigger and got a staple in my finger which required a tetanus shot. . Second was I did another with a blender blade on the base. My hand healed up after a few weeks.
  • Falling off a ladder 12 feet fracturing my scull.
    • Linda Joy
      My ex fell off a ladder and broke his back. Said if he'd fallen off the other side he'd have been dead.
  • A friend had been driving and had just dropped me off in a small town in Nicaragua. I was talking to my friend through the open front passenger window and took a step backward. I stepped right into an open man hole. It wasn't too deep but landed on the edge with my ribs getting full impact. It cracked a few of them and broke a good camera I was carrying for my driver friend.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my gosh! I know that hurt! I'm sorry that happened to you I've broken ribs before! That's no fun!
  • In my bathroom I got irritated - I don't remember with what - while I was giving myself a haircut. In frustration I threw the scissors towards the floors baseboard. It ricoshaed off the wall and stabbed into my foot.
    • Rick
      That was an ouch for sure.
    • Linda Joy
      I stepped on a stick that went into my foot once.
  • I once twisted my arm and hurt my back (was in pain for at least 2 weeks) after stumbling while trying to catch a small box of falling taco shells. True story. I also once hurt my tailbone when I slipped on a banana peel in a Carl's Jr. Who brings a banana there? Another true story.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  • have 2 ways, when I was 7 there were only glass Christmas balls and I squeezed one of them to tight and it broke in my hand requiring a surgery, 2nd I saw this small piece of ice had to be less than one inch across so I stepped on it thinking "there take that", instead i slipped and came down on my shoulder, requiring a surgery for a broken collarbone, dislocated arm. separated shoulder, ripped tendons in my chest.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh my gosh! Bless your heart!
    • ARTICFOX700
      speaking of the heart I needed to get 4 stents after they (doctors )found 2 clogged and one collapsed requiring a 2 more surgery's.

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