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  • In a particular regional dialect of English, English in general, or language in general?
    • Linda Joy
      Does it matter? Break it down for me. Enlighten me. Give us all an education in all languages! Or just answer the question any way you wish but please if you're going to answer at least answer!
    • Linda Joy
      How many ways can you answer a question and not actually give an answer at all? Is that your goal?
    • Linda Joy
      You can start with the southern dialect and then work your way up and then west. Then you can start with Russia and work your way down the east coast then work your way west. Just remember you opened yourself up for this! Hahaha!
    • Linda Joy
      Dude its a 50/50 guess here! This is not a difficult question! Now if we were mushrooms it might be bit more difficult! lol
    • bostjan64
      I don't see how it doesn't matter. I'm only really familiar with New England and Midwestern US dialects, but I can speak a couple of UK dialects as well, and have no idea about South African, Indian, or Carribean dialects. In general Midwestern dialect, there are more colloquial terms for male genitals than female in regular use. New England has fewer terms for each, but still more for the male member. In Slovenian, it's the other way around. In German, you rarely hear people talking that much about their bodies, but if I had to guess, I'd go with the male organ having more demonyms.
    • Linda Joy
      Dialect doesn't matter because its all the same in print. I was born in Iowa and was stationed in Maine for three years. And the words are the same. Another language might matter. My son was 3 when we moved to Maine and he noticed the difference in the way they talked. I've been in the south half my life now and my accent seldom comes out in print. The text editor makes fun of how I talk sometimes, but everyone deals with that. So you've succeeded in taking all the fun out of this question! Thanks!

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