• Yep, my Mom.
    • Boola Boo
      Awwww that is so sweet.
  • Old friends who live on the other side of the country.
    • Ice man
      How did you know ?
  • Yes, I miss my sweetie a whole lot.
  • Yes...A Chinese girl that I let get away..She is/was the finest woman I've ever met.
    • Ice man
      Somehow the best ones always slip away. : (
  • Yes someone who lives in Iowa, she has MS and a host of other health issues and used to live close to me.
  • Yes. My friends neighbour. I always throw things at him from a moving car. But the bugger has the luck of the devil as I always miss him.
  • Yes, my grandson.
    • Ice man
      How & what about her, is it that you miss ? Her bony ass, or her brilliance ? She's on record for stating that you brought snapping turtles to her last pool party.
    • Ice man
      I don't think those little, saggy things qualify as breasts...
    • Ice man
      Or tits for that matter ...
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      But why is her immoral vocation, and perpetual lying to support evil not a problem, if this attraction you have isn't physical? You don't really want to stick your penis in her immoral vocation do you? You want to put it in her...turtle...otherwise called a "snapper" or coin purse. ... mm...I have to go make a deposit. *runs off, fastly*
  • My Mom.
  • I missed beaker, so I stopped by, but he is not speaking to me because along with joking, sometimes I have expressed anger, usually at American politics, but sometimes also about religion or crooked leg seams on someone's pants (oh that makes me mad!)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      In life, actually I miss a lot of dead people mostly, but when you get older, the list of dead people gets longer than the list of living, see? mm
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Okay here's my list: I miss both Bobs, who had the meeting before the meeting with me. I really miss Big Bob. *sad* I also miss John Huntington, who was brilliant and I loved the man and his music, and wish we'd never lost contact. I feel sure he must have od'd on acid decades ago now. I miss Bushy, who hung himself in jail to avoid capture. XD) (He did.) Good friend, gone, but not forgotten. I miss....ME! because when I was younger I was someone, and who I am now is tired and angry and waiting for death. I miss all the many many friends who said the hell with me along the way...if they really were "friends", at least a few of them would still call. (I must suck, huh?) And I miss many a comedy show when they were first run and all was new, and TV hadn't died yet!! I miss seeing Letterman in 1982. I miss the olympics, back when it was ALL AIRED LIVE and that was great!! I miss being young enough to be ignorant so I could perceive a presidential election as a "quadrennial comedy event". Oh those were the days. We'd watch a debate, then watch the Saturday Night Live version of it, and die laughing. I miss being able to taste food. I miss being able to wonder about things, as if all was possible and good things would surely ensue. I miss being able to play with myself more than once or twice a month at best (hey, it was enjoyable, and I like to be independent. Sue me.) I miss music, because now that Disney produces only vocoded girly nig-nog noise, there is no music. And I miss that burger McDonald's used to make for had russian dressing and bacon and extra fat and cholesterol and MSG *getting a little aroused* (Anyone remember what that burger was called? It was circa 1996.) Oh, and sanity and having energy used to be nice. I miss those. That's it. Everything else in life, every person place and thing I DON'T miss, because they're all still here, and suck. Pthhht!! (I warned you i was a grumpy man)
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      The Arch Deluxe (the last thing I ever actually enjoyed at McDonald's) ....This was the same year they introduced that Monopoly pieces game, which we later found no one won because an employee stole all 24 million dollars of the winning pieces, from 1995-2000 (Did YOU get notified of a class action lawsuit, and repayed? Me neither. Fork McDonalds) (except the $1 Green Mountain coffee with minimum wage worker spit in it. THAT'S good. I haven't had an 18 year old's spit in my mouth in such a long time he he ..he...okay not funny
  • Yes I made a friend in Cleveland, this guy was completely on my level, we spoke for hours, then he went into a nursing home at the age of 56 then disappeared
  • we are dough, beaker95, Mr Floppy, Mr PantsFellDown
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      oh lol...well....Mr Floppy and Mr Pants Fell Down are both me (I started as Mr Pants but broke my e-mail account and had to make a new AB account to solve the problem of not getting any notices about posts). beaker is NOT me, but he's one of the funniest characters I've met online. I don't actually know who We Are Dough is. I've never really thought it could be beaker, more like maybe he's the guy who...oh wait, I shouldn't say my theory if I don't know it to be true, that could start a rumor. Okay We Are Dough is PROBABLY NOT DB Cooper then. Though authorities are still looking for the guy who mugged Bozo The Clown in 1967, however they have no reason to ask DB, um I mean We Are Dough about that either. Hope this clears things up. You know of course, there's only really two people here in total? You, and all my alter egos! :D
    • Linda Joy
      That's beaker95! lol! But Mr. Floppy, aren't you also level headed and Icup? Who else here is you?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Simonjhollands is beaker? Or Wearedough is beaker? Are you also beaker? Wait.. Am i me? *so confused*
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Seriously, I was Mr Pants, and now that account wont work, so I made Mr Floppy (And I took the cigarette out of his mouth just for you! :) ) ...But yes, everyone else here is beaker except for 6 or 7 people he couldnt succesfully clone, because of problems with his Mr Clone machine.

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