• yes, especially with some of the stuff im dealing with now with being out of work and now my apt building has had bedbugs and pest control came and looked at my place and i had to trash my entire bed, im now sleeping on the couch, they rarely come there, next wk theyre doing a heat treatment at my place too. all this can make me feel like that
    • Anonymous
      try baking soda it's cheap & effective: Youtube, How to Kill Bed Bugs With Baking Soda Mixture.
    • Army Veteran
      Get a package of RAID Max Fogger ($13.98 for a package of 3) at Walmart. My building had the same bedbug problem compliments of a neighbor two floors above me. After getting rid of the bedbugs with the fogger, the neighbor directly above me developed a roach problem - and again, I used the fogger. I never actually saw any roaches, and after setting off the first fogger, I found maybe 2 or three dead bedbugs in my bed. I have never had a problem since. The foggers even took care of my spider and centipede problems for more than a year. Spiders have since been making an appearance, but I kill each one as I see it. There's not a serious problem there like before. As for the centipedes, they follow the spiders - take away their food source and you'll get rid of them too. I've killed a few of them this year as well, but they don't seem to be as bad as last year. Just in case, I keep a can of RAID on hand and everything is being managed okay.
  • You won't feel any better in a ditch, not ever: run for your life into them there hills!
  • Divorce does funny things to people and makes them do crazy things.
  • I did 7 years ago after a traffic accident that happened 30 years ago blinded me in one eye, limiting my career options, eventually leading to forced retirement. For the past 7 years, I've since grown fat and lazy with nothing to do but sit on my computer all day, watching my health decline from inactivity. I'm back at the ditch again, only this time, it's filled with a quagmire of marshmallow cream - I have it too soft now with a limited income that I can't do much with other than feed my creditors every month.

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