• Yes I think they should know, I don't know if it is best to hear from a friend or how, but I do feel it is not fair for the other partner not to know if there spouse is sexually active with someone else, due to reasons such as sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Linda Joy
      I kind of feel the same they should know for their own safety and health but I wouldn't want to have to be the one to tell them.
  • NO! Stay out of other people's business. The truth will eventually come out and you will not have lost their friendship.
    • Linda Joy
      Why would you assume you would lose their friendship for giving them this information?
    • Natz
      You might also loose your friendships for knowing and keeping it a secret.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point!
    • Thinker
      Being a tattle-tale generally causes more problems than just shutting up and staying out of other people's problems. Experience talking here
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I guess loyalty to your friend doesn't count for much?
  • Unless you actually see them having sex you don't know anything. It's best to stay out of other peoples business.
    • Linda Joy
      So do you think sending a picture anonymously would be the best approach?
    • Linda Joy
      What if the spouse personally bragged to you about it? Do you think you could even trust their word on it?
  • I'd anonymously let them know along with proof if I have any.
    • Linda Joy
      I can see the advantages to this approach as well.
    • Thinker
      Anonymous is often found out about and causes more problems. The wrong will eventually come to light anyway and you can keep the friendship.
  • Hell yes. What kind of friend would I be if I knew and didn't say anything? "It wasn't any of my business." ?? That's crazy and it shows no loyalty to your friend. If they're a friend, they'll expect you to give them bad news too. I'll even help with the disposal of the evidence.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree up to the point where you help them with the disposal.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Loyalty goes both ways. Wouldn't you want help also?
    • Linda Joy
      I wouldn't need that kind of help. But I know who to call if a friend of mine does.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You never know when you'll be in a jam. I've helped my friends of out jams and I'd expect the same in return.
  • no, i would stay out of it
  • Hell no~keep your damn mouth shut and do as your told! Words from my boss once! Sept. 21 2017
  • thats up to you, i probably wouldnt
  • no, it might be better to stay out of it
  • Not if they're cheating with you.
  • i would probably stay out of it since there was nothing i could do about it anyways
  • I would speak to him/her and advise them if they don't come clean soon, then I will tell my friend. Now, if my friend were the cheater, I wouldn't say a word, because hypocrite or not, my loyalty is to my friend. Girl code? Yep.
  • No. Don't be silly and so nosey. I've seen plenty of good relationship ruined by gossipers and shitstirrers who thought the other person "has the right to know." Forgetting that it's only in your opinion and you could have the wrong facts and ideas to being with.

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