• We're trying various spam countermeasures and some are more effective than others. We hope to have something solid in the next few days.
    • Azlotto
      When I asked the question, it was kinda a joke...I know spam is a big problem for websites such as this one...I'll report spam when I see it. Thanks for your reply, Dan.
  • Did you see it's all gone now! (Doing my Snoopy happy dance!)
  • We modified the AI to catch the new spam, but those horrible spammers changed their algo again so a small fraction of their attack was getting through yesterday. We'll tuned the AI again today -- it's getting smarter! Thanks to everyone for reporting spam and hanging in there.
    • Linda Joy
      Another ab'er said he called and cussed him out. Yesterday after it started again I made several phone calls. By then they had a machine answering, so I just left the line open hoping to tie up at least one line and let them know we don't like it. But today I see no spam once again! Thank you for all the hard work y'all do! I,for one, appreciate you.
    • Subject 89P13
      They have a new way of getting in; they create 3-4 accounts to ask and answer. Is there a way to report these since flagging probably wouldn't work? In the old AB I sent an email to AB staff explaining the link between the accounts.

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