• Your preaching to the chior here.
  • You are not the only person in this boat. From time to time I think everyone feels like they wish the world would stop an let us off. Believe me you will have many times like this. The best thing to do is turn all those problems over to the Lord Jesus Christ and tell him you cannot handle it and for Him to do so. You don't want to die, just think of all the things you might miss if you weren't here and even could change history.
    • the_voices_dislike_you
      im an atheist
    • Thinker
      Well then you had better decide to live a long time because death could be much worse than what you have now. Know you are loved by the Lord Jesus. Talk with Him honestly and He will help you. Hopefully He will make you understand how much better life is with Him than without Him. Think about it and learn about Him.
  • Psychologists compared surviving the suicide of a family member to a concentration camp experience. Also those who have a family member commit suicide are more likely to commit suicide themselves. This is what has kept me alive. This is one legacy I refused to pass on.

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