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  • Seriously, there's like 600 kids going up and down the street. Noisily. Some have nice butts, though I guess that's not relevant. (*By kids I mean college students.) Are they looking for Mr Pants? *pulls tin foil hat tighter, and holds Captain Meow for safety* *blink*
    • beaker95
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. Yes, I have been accused of being Rain Man before. (for answering questions in an unemotional tone, because I was busy calculating) (really). BUT...the kids...were going to a massive party two doors down (lucky me)(Oh you wish you lived here and you know it!). And it took an hour, but the cops came and made them all go home (No, I didn't call them. I'm not that kind of poopy old grump) (I did used to be young myself) *sigh* ..many many centuries ago....back in Transylvania (when I used to look kinda like Gilligan in that Dracula scene, with Ginger)...but that's another story. Why do I smell barbecue? Ah sheesh! It's the warm weather. I liked it better when they were all shut in for winter, and the snow insulated their sound .....

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