• Tell me about it! I set off a smoke detector at school once (just to prove I was right about it being a smoke detector) during lunch without a single thought about the panic that would ensue. Even if I had known enough to plead 'teenage brain' at the time I doubt it would have saved me from the 3 day 'in school suspension' I received as a result! I still don't know who narc'd on me!
    • Anoname
      You were a little rascal.
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I seldom got in trouble at school. One padding for chewing gum, one 'sacrifice' (a slap on the palms with a ruler) from the coach who taught science for saying I didn't like football, although I do now, and the suspension. That's all I can remember from all of school! Well in preschool I remember being threatened with a swat with a fly swatter if I didn't go to sleep at nap time. I remember trying real hard, too!

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