• Not very because I know they have their own take on things and their own axes to grind.
  • Mainstream media lies, slants news, ignores thing that don't fir irs agenda, etc. so it's not at all relevant or accurate.
  • have no idea, hopefully its accurate
  • Not sure. I search for the issues I want to learn about online if I have further questions I research them. If I doubt what I read I search the other side or another angle or wording. I think I can find more information and answer more questions online. Tv, newspapers and magazines are good at giving you their view, but don't answer followup questions I may have.
  • Mainstream media is bullshit. Journalism is no longer about reporting facts. It's now about who can get the most headlines. It doesn't even have to be true because they'll just apologize later. A long time later so no one really cares.
  • The news media is controlled by the Illuminati and its members. They only allow what controversial news is published either in print or video. I take very little value in the news media and often research some items from other sources.

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