• That is a very good question because there is no "best" easy answer. You have to look at yourself and the world you live in to find your answer. The true secret to success and happiness - is to first find something that you are good at and enjoy doing. Work hard to become one of the best at it and one day you will be successful. Somewhere along the way you will realize that you love what you are doing and it no longer seems like hard work. Don't worry too much about the money - when it no longer seems like work the money will follow. So do what you love, and love what you do - and you will know happiness for the rest of your life. Good luck. ; )
    • Myang
      Where are you from? you make sense. i like it. thumbs up
    • Ice man
    • Myang
      Long live to the people of Canada! :D
  • not sure, im still trying to figure that out myself
  • not sure, ive been trying to figure that out myself
  • Ice man said it well. I spent my life trying to put a roof over my kid's head and food in his mouth. It didn't really matter what I did as work to accomplish this so I took what I could get. Now my son is grown, moved away and I'm not able to do what I used to. But after my chemo is over I will be free to do more things.
  • Crikey, I tried lots of things before I found what I wanted to do, I've done different jobs, and courses, and then life threw me a curve ball, so that went out the window. Hence, I'm the type of person that says "Give it a go, it's the only way to find out." And stand by the old saying, "A life littered with mistakes, is one well lived." One thing about life, is that it is forever flowing and changing, and so sometimes you have to become the same way, those who tend to survive life the best, are the ones who can adapt.

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