• Most things are based on choices we make for our kids and most are not wrong. However, what is your source for the data on the Bill Gates vaccination illnesses? After reading data from the CDC and our pediatrician recommendation, we decided to give our children vaccines. And they are fine. We understood that we could not control travel, people coming into the country and if our children decided to leave. In addition to this, a former co-worker contracted Polio as an infant. He was lucky, he survived with a deformed leg. I just remember a Grandmother saying, the young do not remember the amount of kids that died every day, every family would touched by polio, measles, etc. Source: Here's an interesting read on the measles issue at Disneyland: Here is a Forges article on Bill Gates polio vaccinations:
    • C3Po
      polio, measules, mumps, typhoid and virus's like that are only thwarted early with vaccines. these are not the one's im talking about. im talking about the flu shot we get every year. And the claims against gates are everywhere. theyre usually supressed in the US as far as hearing news about it. but if you know where to look, and can find foreign medical fraud cases he has dozens of people suing him.
    • Black Mystique
      Flu shots are definitely optional and maybe recommended...they are not mandatory. I quiet frequently opt out. Maybe edit your question to indicate Flu shots.
  • You are asking me a question assuming something that is just not true. Most people are vaccinated and we are living longer than ever before. I would have my kids vaccinated because it protects people from illnesses that used to kill people en mass.
  • You mean incorrectly thinking they may damage your children.
  • Yes. I don't think they're dangerous. I think they prevent the spread of diseases.

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