• The old home remedies always came first. I can remember a variety of particularly fowl smelling and eye watering liniments, ointments , plasters and poultices.
  • Hot fresh squeezed lemonade and bed rest. No doctors.
  • Hot fresh squeezed lemonade and bed rest. No doctors that I remember which isn't saying much since I don't remember a lot anyway. Do remember the lemonade.
  • My parents took me to the doctors before using any natural health remedies. Mom did use Hot Toddies, Castor oil occasionally. Now as an adult I go to the doctors and I use natural medicine too It started in the late70s when Tryptophan was banned by the USFDA Started using Valarian instead for sleep. Worked quite well. That;s how I got into herbs.
  • they took me if i needed to go

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